The brand Fior di campagna is the one in which Secom he gained more experience. This category includes rice, dried fruit or vegetables and legumes. The company selects the best production areas and offers to its customers a wide range of sizes and packaging.

Rice, known since antiquity as a pure and simple food, has become a basic element of modern nutrition. Every year in spring, in the fertile Po valley where the rice Fior di Campagna grows, begins the preparation of the land for the oncoming crop.  After a few months, due to the ideal climate, the rice Fior di Campagna gets golden and bright, and it is ready to begin the journey that will bring it on our tables.

Harvesting, hulling, whitening, selection: the most modern technologies, applied to processes characterized by deep respect for tradition, continuously monitor the processing of the raw product and allow you to get a high-quality rice.

Highly digestible and rich in nutrients, extremely versatile and resistant to cooking, our rice Fior di Campagna is an essential element in the kitchen of the traditional consumer, as well as in that of the most sophisticated gourmet.

The dried fruit Fior di Campagna is the result of a careful selection of raw material and its accurate processing, in which respect for tradition merges with the application of the most advanced technologies. Thanks to the slow roasting and the constant monitoring of the production chain, dried fruit Fior di Campagna reaches the consumer's table keeping its characteristics and its taste intact.

Dried fruit, tasty and appetizing, is ideal at any time of the day. It makes for a pleasant break and it is perfect to give an extra touch to every recipe.

Beans, lentils, chickpeas, barley, spelt and azuki: Fior di Campagna offers to the consumer a wide range of products, from the most widely used to the rarest one.

The high nutritional value of these products and the wide range of dishes that can be prepared with them, make Fior di Campagna products ideal for today’s consumers.