Mangia Piemontese is a rapidly expanding brand; Secom has decided to invest effort and resources in it in order to enrich its catalogue with products that are typical of our region, Piedmont.

Secom cooperates with small producers and laboratories to offer to its customers the taste of homemade food in an innovative way. Our research has given rise to the brand Mangia Piemontese, which offers the tastes of typical subalpine food in a new, modern and efficient packaging, namely the innovative heat-sealed, re-sealable take-away boxes in which the product can be preserved fresh and safe in a protective atmosphere for a long period, alongside the packaging displayed at the counter or on shelves and the decorated trays.

Raw materials, advanced equipment, trained staff, efficient production methods and rational, scrupulous adherence to the norms of hygiene and continuous controls of quality can be summarised in two simple words: professionalism and passion.

Our delicatessen line offers to its customers a wide range of dishes: from pepper with anchovy to tongue in sauce, from veal with tuna sauce to the shrimp cocktail, from seafood salad to marinated eel, our products includes dishes with mayonnaise and specialties in oil, seafood and food preserved in aspic, warm dishes as well as ready meals which will reach directly the consumer, preserving their taste and genuineness.