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Delicatessen catalogue

The products ‘Fior di Campagna’ and ‘Mangia Piemontese’ offer to our clients a wide range of Italian specialties, with particular attention to the Piedmontese culinary tradition.
These products are available in different formats, from the one displayed at the counter or on shelves to the decorated trays and the innovative take-away boxes, where the product can be kept safe and fresh.

From peppers with anchovies to beef tongue with sauce, from ‘vitello tonnato’ to shrimp cocktail, from Russian salad to ham mousse, from grilled vegetables to marinated eel – our products includes dishes with mayonnaise and specialties in oil, seafood and food preserved in aspic, warm dishes as well as ready meals which will reach directly the consumer, preserving their taste and genuineness.

In our catalogue you will find the characteristics of the products branded ‘Fior di Campagna’ and ‘Mangio Piemontese’, which can be bought wholesale or purchased in our retail outlet as well as in the best shops and retailers of your area.